Gospel Community 101
GC 101

The greatest context to grow in the Gospel is with the people of God. The greatest apologetic for the Gospel is the people of God.

Gospel Community 101 (GC 101) is a 3-week orientation class that is required for anyone who wants to join a Gospel Community in our church. Through our classes, we want to learn and take our first steps toward our identity in the Gospel, our practice and culture as a Gospel community, and our mission in our everyday.

Training and learning are not just for leaders but for all of us as members as we live out GCSE! Register and join us on the following Sundays from 1:00-2:15 PM in our Sanctuary.

Registration is now closed 🙁
An announcement will be made when it opens up again.

  1. 10/6 GC 101 Session 1
  2. 10/13 GC 101 Session 2
  3. 10/20 GC 101 Session 3>/span>
  4. *10/27 Make-up Sessions
  5. 11/3 GC 101 Session 1
  6. 11/10 GC 101 Session 2
  7. 11/17 GC 101 Session 3
  8. *11/24 Make up Sessions

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