Q: What If I don’t have a Fitbit or Apple watch how can I track my steps?

A: Most smartphones have a step counter pre-loaded. The iPhone has it under their Health app.
You can also find many free step trackers available in the Google and Apple App Store.

You could also go old school and buy one.

Q: I forgot to enter my steps at the end of the day! What can I do now?

A: If you don't enter in steps for a day, you will get a 0. However, as a show of grace, the website will allow you to enter your steps from one day prior only.

Q: How will I get my prize?

A: It will be delivered curbside by one of our very own church pastors or leaders with much fanfare.

Q: I’m having problems with the website, what now?

A: Contact the internet master but do so sparingly as he is most likely combing his hair: seiwonleegmail.com

Q: How many people in my GC need to enroll in order to compete?

A: You need at least 60% of your GC enrolled in the challenge.

Q: I signed up late, can I still join?

A: Yes. You can join anytime but in order to be eligible for the weekly prize, each person must have something recorded for at least 6 out of 7 days of the current week. In order to win the Grand prize, at the end of the month, the individual or GC must have at least 80% of their days recorded. Rules may need to change slightly but please don’t try to game the system and try to honor the spirit of the rules. PJ sees all.

Q: Who will track our GC’s steps?

A: The steps will be automatically tabulated for your GC but you have to sign up for the correct GC when you sign up.

Q: What is the prize?

A: Your ultimate reward is in Heaven but this won’t be bad. It’s a secret.

Q: Can my child enroll?

A: Yes, but only as a "lone wolf." They would need their own login as well.

Q: How will steps be counted?

A: The GC steps will be counted as an average. The "lone wolf" is counted as total steps for the week or month. Remember, you will get an automatic 0 if you do not enter your steps for more than a day after.

If you need help, please email Jimbo.

You were given a password to begin registration.
Please enter it here:

ODPC Step Challenge
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ODPC Step Challenge
Please follow these steps to start:
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1. Using your Phone / Computer, go to http://stepup.odpcec.org

-For best experience, use the browser (Chrome) on your phone/mobile devices.
-Please make sure the timezone is set to EST on your devices before using the app as there may be discrepancies in step counts/day.

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2. Create a new account using your email address and a secure password.

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3. When logging in for the first time, you will have to choose your participation level:

GC Group
-You are competing individually AND for your GC group

Lone wolf
-You are competing individually

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4. If you chose to participate as a part of your GC group, select it here.

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5. Tap "Ok, let's get started" link to begin.

Please do not skip this step.

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6. At the end of each day, enter your steps - honestly 🙂

That's it - good luck!

Btw, if you encounter any issues, please email "seiwonlee@gmail.com".