Recommended Resources
The following recommend resources have been vetted and recommended by our staff.  While we may not all agree with 100% of the content, we feel that these resources are helpful as the Holy Spirit continues to transform and equip us as Kingdom Citizens.

Social Justice:


  • One Blood: Parting Words to the Church on Race and Love – John M. Perkins. One Blood is the final challenge from a man with over six decades of ministry calling the Church to biblical reconciliation, but not “racial reconciliation”.  He challenges churches to consider intentionally moving towards a multi-ethnic body that truly gives glory to God.
  • An Evening to Listen and Learn with T.L. and Perrin Rogers. Asian American pastors listen to and learn from two African American pastors.
  • Grace, Justice & Mercy: An Evening with Bryan Stevenson & Rev. Tim Keller. In an age of mass incarceration and growing racial tension, how can a church committed to the flourishing of a whole city engage as ambassadors of reconciliation and restoration?


Outreach and Missions:


  • Cross-Cultural Servanthood – Duane Elmer. Written primarily for cross-cultural missionaries, this book provides extremely useful guidance to building relational abilities needed for all outreach and ministry.
  • The Insider: Bringing the Kingdom of God Into Your Everyday World – Jim Petersen & Mike Shamy. Easy to read and encouraging book on how to live as an “Insider” for the Kingdom where God has you right now.  Also, a challenge to church leadership to re-think our priorities for our people.
  • The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations: Walking alongside people who believe differently – Mary Schaller & John Crilly.  Excellent and practical book on facilitating spiritual conversations in a very authentic way that’s not awkward.
  • God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally – Doug Pollock. Another outstanding book with a similar philosophy as the Schller and Crilly book.  Only 127 pages.
  • The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative – Christopher J. H. Wright. An extremely comprehensive, academic, but readable book where Wright argues for a missional hermeneutical reading of the Bible.  Sizeable work that is not for the faint of heart!
  • Saturate – Jeff Vanderstelt. This book argues for, and tells stories of people living for Jesus in “the everyday stuff of life”.  After reading, you’ll probably have a fresh vision of what your Gospel Community could be!




  • Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work – Timothy Keller. As with most of Keller’s works, this book is comprehensive, easy to read, and well thought out.
  • Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship To Monday Work – Tom Nelson.  Similar to the Keller book above, but a little shorter and a little easier to read.  Tom Nelson is an excellent communicator.  Especially interesting are the short “testimonies” by individuals in various vocations at the end of each chapter.


Children’s Ministry:




  • Gospel Fluency – Jeff Vanderstelt