Prayer Wall
Standing in the Gap

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Justice & Racism: George Floyd's Death5 praying
May 28 @ 10:16 amRequested by John Cha (
Pray for God's justice in the investigation behind George Floyd's death. Pray for peace and safety during the protests (a person was killed and there's looting/fires in certain areas). Pray for a growing end to racism in the months to come.
Re-Opening of Our Area & Our Onsite Sunday Services4 praying
May 28 @ 9:44 amRequested by John Cha (
Pray for God's wisdom for our leaders as our area (businesses, schools, universities, etc.) make plans to open. Pray for God's mercy upon our neighbors as there is more interaction in the general public Pray for our church as we plan our onsite Sunday service re-opening.
GCSE Outreach3 praying
May 21 @ 9:29 amRequested by T.K. Watanabe (
Please pray for our many GC groups as they continue to pray, plan, and execute efforts to bless their communities around them. Pray that the Spirit builds relationships between members and between members and the people they are either partnering with or recipients of their service. May the Name of Jesus be magnified!
Brother has cancer6 praying
May 21 @ 9:28 amRequested by T.K. Watanabe (
Please pray for my brother Ken who has pancreatic cancer. Please pray for his continued trust in the Lord. Please pray for his surgery and upcoming 6 months of intense chemotherapy.
Local Outreach Team3 praying
May 18 @ 9:58 amRequested by T.K. Watanabe (
Please pray for our new ODPC Local Outreach Team (LOCT) as the pray about speakers and activities for September (Work and Fatih) and October (Local Outreach). They are also praying about issues of ministry philosophy and strategy as we look to be salt and light in our local community.
Our Workers in Central Asia3 praying
May 18 @ 9:58 amRequested by T.K. Watanabe (
Please pray for PSI & H and family as they hope to come back to the U.S. this summer and set their daughter up for college. Flights are very unpredictable making planning difficult.
Marriage restoration and heal my dad6 praying
May 16 @ 2:33 pmRequested by Melissa Mc (
Lord, bring restoration to my marriage.Let mike realize that no one else is there for him as I am. Let him realize how much he loves and trusts me. Let him see my loyalty, kindness, & devotion that compels him to trust me and return. May mike realize how damaging his absence is to our kids & bring mike back home to a full love for Your word. Rejoin us together spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, cleaving mike to me always, Restore & bless our marriage, protecting us from the evil one! I ask that you also could place your healing hands on my father who is sick with cancer- heal him! Ease his pain! In Jesus name. Amen
Sunday's Message2 praying
May 8 @ 8:49 amRequested by John Cha (
Pray for me as I prepare and share Sunday's message on the wise and foolish builder in Matthew 7. Pray that our Grove and EC members would truly build our lives in obedience to Jesus! Thank you!!!