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Standing in the Gap

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Pray for a Brother and Sister who Will be Baptized1 praying
February 21 @ 10:19 pmRequested by John Cha (
Pray for our baptism class and our preparation, that our brother and sister would be ready to profess their faith in Jesus and that they would begin their life-call to follow Jesus!
Pray for Family of Workers3 praying
February 16 @ 12:42 pmRequested by T.K. Watanabe (
The father of one of our families (who work overseas) has been diagnosis with moderate Alzheimers. Please pray for him and the whole family as they work through how to best take care of him.
Spiritual Anguish4 praying
February 14 @ 11:56 pmRequested by Alyssa P. (
I don't remember ever using the word "anguish" to refer to my struggles, but I am experiencing one of the most terrifying spiritual battles/struggles I've ever experienced. It seems sure that I have fallen away and am one of those "Lord, Lord" people in Matthew 7. Please pray for me: For His mercy, grace, and kindness that I don't deserve. Please beg the Lord to rescue me and show me His salvation. I feel like I am dying or have died. I resisted his prompting a while back and delayed obedience and seem to be paying the price.
Please pray for me2 praying
February 14 @ 1:29 pmRequested by Jonathan Grove (
I struggle a lot with being single and I truly desire to be married. I worry that I will never get married and I need God's mercy and help with finding the right Christian lady to marry. I really do desire a marriage that is blessed by God. Proverbs 18:22 is my heart's desire. Please pray that Jesus Christ in His grace and mercy will help me find and marry a wife who is beautiful to me, the helpmeet who is right and best for me. Thank you. May God bless all of you and your church family.
Connection4 praying
February 7 @ 12:43 pmRequested by Liz Lee (
Hi, church- Please pray that I will find connection and friendships as Covid is keeping me alone & taking a toil on my mental health. Thanks