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WEEK 1 (9/13-9/19) – GO THE DISTANCE! 

100 Meter Dash

This individual event will take place at church (view the map at the bottom), where 100 meters will be marked off in the parking lot. Someone other than the runner will need to use a stopwatch (your phone or digital watch, not counting one-one thousand, two-one thousand) to record the time. 

For this event, we require video proof of the olympian running the entire 100 meters.  All videos must be sent to by October 9, midnight.   Please upload your final time no later than Friday, October 9 by 11:59  PM.  

Relay Race

The Relay Race is a four-person team event that will take place at church(view the map at the bottom). There will be a route mapped out around church. All four legs must be completed in order to complete the race.

All four participants do not need to run the relay at the same time.  You can run it individually as the four combined times will be your final time.  Please upload your final time no later than Friday, October 9 by 11:59  PM.  Sorry, youth group students are unable to medal in this sport due to their overwhelming quickness.

Frisbee Throw

This individual event will take place at church (view the map at the bottom), where a throwing line will be marked off. Throwers will be allowed four throws, with the longest distance thrown (wherever the Frisbee stops) counting as the scoring throw. The on-site Frisbee must be used. 

A measuring wheel and frisbee will be located behind the turf field doors.  Please use the wheel to carefully measure your distance and then return the frisbee and wheel back to its original location.  Please upload your longest distance no later than Friday, October 9 by 11:59 PM.  If you’re at church on Sunday, this will be a great time to try this event. Please sanitize the wheel and frisbee after use with the included Clorox wipes.

Tour de ODPC Cycling Extravaganza

This individual event will take place off campus and run from 9/13 through midnight on 10/9. The champion will be the individual that has logged the most outdoor miles. All rides and distances must be recorded on Strava to count (no manual entries).

Golf Tournament

This two-person team event will take place off campus. The preliminary round will run from 9/13 through 10/3, and each team will play best ball at one of several designated courses. The 4 teams with the lowest score by 10/3, will play a championship round during the week of 10/4 to 10/10.  The 3 lowest scores of the final week scores will determine the medal winners. 

Pure Running

This individual event will take place off campus, at a location of your choosing. It is simply a contest of total outdoor miles run over four weeks.  All runs and distances must be recorded on Strava to count (no manual entries). As they say, remember, this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. This event starts on Monday, 9/14 and will run continuously until October 9, 11:59 PM.  Please upload your total distance no later than Friday, October 9 by 11:59 PM.

WEEK 2 (9/20-9/26) – GOT SKILZ! 


You may dominate on the field, but can you dominate online? This event will be for any and all who join in on this game. Which one? TBD! 

Basketball Free Throws

This individual event will take place off campus. Pick your regulation sized ball and height hoop and see how many free throws you can make in one minute. Jump shot, hook shot, bank shot, granny shot, whatever it takes. Just make sure it’s on video.

 Lip Sync Battle

This individual or group event will ask you to record a 2 minute video either by yourself, with your GC, or YG friends (in a socially responsible manner, of course).  You will lip sync to your favorite song and put on a show that will make you a legend in all of Herndon and possibly Reston, too.  Should you have back up dancers? Yes, please. Pyrotechnics?  You bet.  Judging will be based on: etc, etc….this part is the same…. please add this final line:  Please upload all videos no later than midnight on 10/2 to

WEEK 3 (9/27-10/03) – EAT TO WIN! 

Cooking Challenge

This individual event will take place at home. Cake entries are required to be at least 12″ across and have at least 2 layers. Cakes will be judge on: 1) Taste, 2) Creativity, and 3) Incorporation of the Theme. Entries are due at church by 10/3 at noon. 

Eating Challenge

This individual or two-person team event will take place at church. It’s simple: how many tacos can you eat in a set period of time? You can be a lone wolf and chow down, or you and your partner can tag team your way to victory. 

Egg Toss

This two-person team event will take place at church, where a throwing line will be marked off. The longest distance of an egg being thrown without a crack wins. Use the on-site measuring wheel to get the distance. 

Dude, Perfect Videos

This individual event will take place off campus, starting on 9/20. Entries will be judged by: 1) Wow factor, 2) Originality, and 3) Less than 10 seconds. Entries are due midnight on 10/3.

Please upload all video submissions to no later than midnight on 9/26.

WEEK 4 (10/4-10/10) – CHAMPIONS! 

ODPC Staff Contest of Champions

Come watch our favorite pastors and directors compete in a series of Olympic events showcasing their preternatural abilities and freakish athleticism during the closing ceremonies.

Closing Ceremony

When the games and competition have concluded, it’s time to celebrate the accomplishments and recognize the Team with the highest medal count.

*please note:  Due to their amazing physical prowess, youth group students can participate in all events for fun but can only medal in the following events:

1. Lip sync video

2.  Esports

3.  Cake making

4.  Dude perfect video

5.  Basketball free throw

6.  Taco eating

7.  Golf



Why are we holding these Olympics?
We want to offer a fun way for us to re-engage with the wider Open Door church body. In been many months that we have been apart or even alone, and we hope that events like this will help us remember how sweet it is to be in fellowship with one another (when doing so safely, of course). 

When and where will the events take place?
The Olympics will run for four weeks, starting on Sunday, 9/13, and concluding with a Closing Ceremony on Saturday, 10/10. Some events will take place on the weekends, but others can occur at home or off campus. Some events will be done in seconds, while others span over the course of days or weeks. We hope that the variety of events will allow many people to participate.

Will we be competing as teams or as individuals?
Both. Everyone wanting to participate will need to register and join a team. Each GC will be a team, and individuals not in a GC can create their own team or join the incredible Team Open Door. Each event will have a sign up, and you’ll need to sign up to participate. 

How will events be judged?
Each event will have its own rules. These rules will be provided during the week of the events. 

Will there be medals awarded? What about a medal count?
Yes, absolutely! It’s the Olympics! The winner of each event will get a Gold medal, the runner up a Silver, and third place will get a Bronze. Although individuals will win events, earned medals will go towards the Team’s total medal count. Gold is worth 5 points, Silver is 3 points, and Bronze 1 point. 

Can we have our super Olympian just enter and win every event?
Nope, not exactly, Michael Phelps. Although every individual can enter any or all events, an individual can only win a maximum of three medals for their team. If you want to rack up the points, you’ll need multiple champions across multiple events. 

Will there be random drug tests?
No, not at this time. But there may be random prayer requests, so please be prepared to cooperate fully. 

Where can I find more information?
Come back to this page for updated information.

Frisbee Start
100M Dash
EC Entrance
Campus Entrance
Relay Start