ODPC Step Challenge – Week Two Winner!

Congratulations to Christopher Lee!!!!
ODPC Step Challenge Week Two Winner

Continue to sign up for the ODPC Step Challenge! 
Go to Odpcec.org and enter your daily steps into the Step Challenge chart. Enter both as an individual and as a member of your GC to win prizes beyond your wildest imaginings! 

There will be weekly individual winners for the highest step count.
Week 1: Matt Choi
Week 2: Christopher Lee
Week 3: ??? Who’s next ???

At the end of 4 weeks we will crown the GC with the highest average number of steps as well as the individual with the highest total step count – who will hitherto be known as “Mr/Ms ODPC” aka The Open Door Pandemic Champion. 

For additional information: https://www.odpcec.org/step-up-challenge

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