ODPC Missions Revival

ODPC Missions Revival

Missions Revival Schedule:

Fri @ 8pm in EC
Sat @ 7pm in EC
Sun @ 9:20 and 11:20am in EC  

Speaker – Rev. Dr. Daniel Chae (ARISE Campaign Director)

Rev. Dr. Daniel Chae is the Executive Director of Amnos Ministries and Principal of Amnos Church Planting School. He was a Council member of the UK Evangelical Alliance, and is now a member of One People Commission of the EA and a Research Associate of the London School of Theology. He has a combination of theological, pastoral and missionary experience. 

Rev. Chae was involved with the ministry of OM ships over a period of over 30 years, and was Managing Director of MV Doulos (2004-2009). He was the Founding Pastor of Eastbury Church in northwest London (1997-2004). After obtaining a BA in Business Management in Korea, he received a BA(Hon.) and a PhD from the London School of Theology.

He was Tutor, Visiting Lecturer at the London School of Theology. He was also a Research Fellow of Asia Center for Theological Studies and Missions, Korea (2004-2010). Rev. Chae’s PhD thesis on Romans was published by Paternoster in 1997. He has also written a few books in Korean, and a number of academic and devotional articles. He has lectured at universities around the world, and has spoken at international Christian conferences.  

Website – https://www.arise-europe.org/welcome/