Everyday: Just Read It

Everyday”: The most important things in life are done every day – eating, sleeping, spending time with and caring for loved ones, working/learning, etc. We do those little things every day. They’re life-giving. *Question … What everyday routine do you practice for your faith and soul?

Our Purpose

As we set apart 2020 as the year of the Gospel, we want to learn the Gospel by reading the story of the Gospel as revealed by God through the Bible. Don’t settle for a 4-paged wallet-sized-tract presentation of the Gospel. God fully and perfectly revealed the Good News through the Bible. Don’t wait for another 3 minute Gospel video clip or sermon sound byte. Don’t wait for the perfect season to be in the mood to learn it. Just read the whole Bible. Everyday. Just read it.

"27And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself ... 32They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Luke 24:27, 32

Our Plan

We will read the Bible together starting on January 1/1 with Genesis 1:1 and will read 3-5 chapters per day. We will follow the schedule set by the Bible Project Reading Plan found on their app/website link. The Bible Project plan also includes helpful videos that explain the background of books and themes in the Bible.

How to Start
  1. On your PHONES: Download YouVersion. Click “Plans”; Click “Find Plans”; Click “Through the Bible”; Click “Whole Bible”; Click “The Bible Project – The Bible”
  2. On your COMPUTER, go to the following link
  3. ***Start the plan with the rest of our church on New Year’s Day of 2020
How to Continue
  1. Join with friends.
    When you start the app or program, you will have the option to join with friends (also logged into the app) who will read alongside of you. For those in our GC groups, we will later add each other as Bible-reading friends for encouragement and accountability. You can also add non-GC friends as well. For those not in our GC groups ( … yet!), this would be a great opportunity to involve other friends and family members in our circles as we read the Bible together.
  2. Re-group on Sundays.
    We will have periodic Sunday service times when we will offer reminders and encouragements to KEEP READING the Bible.
  3. Remember the prize!
    Along with your prize in heaven, you’ll get a t-shirt on earth. Also, for the GC with the most number of members reading the whole Bible by 12/31/20, our church will give towards a ministry cause of your GC’s choice.
  1. “What happens if I fall behind?”
    Like any resolution, don’t dwell on what you missed or how you fell behind. The key is to just read, read, and read.
  2. “What do I do if I have trouble setting up the app or my program or if I have any questions about the plan?”
    Please contact Pastor Jeehoon at
  3. “Is there a Bible reading plan available for kids?”
    The Gospel Project link for the YouVersion app has reading plans for the Old Testament only and the New Testament only. These plans are more kid-friendly with a lesser amount of reading AND over a shorter reading term. Children can also watch some of the Bible Project videos (geared more for older elementary/junior higher).